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Crap! We are 4 undesirables from Mondragón, with extensive experience in the scene and previously forged in many other bands such as: Los Cretinos, Material Rechazado, Quadrophenicos, No Hope, Remembers, Gorroto or Gaupa-Heroes,….

In love with rock’n’roll, in all its variants: the street and rough of Banda Trapera Del Rio, going through the hardcore punk of the 80’s in the most rogue California and, above all, we drink from the incombustible “pot” of the first British Punk 77, Garage Punk, Classic Oi!, Power Pop, High Energy, Bovver or Glam Rock and everything that comes from Australia, but without ever forgetting the Punk and Oi! Rock’n’roll from home like Zakarrak, RIP, Iskanbila, Eskoria-tza, Eskorbuto, La Perrera, Obligaciones, Kañeria 13,…And a long and endless etcetera.

Nor do we turn a deaf ear to the classic Kinks, Stones, the Who, or the most elegant chords of the Small Faces, Sweet or Slade.

Of course, then we do what comes out of our guts, an unspeakable mixture of rage rockandroller macarra, spitting truths from Euskal Herria to the world without flitros. From 2015 to the present day.

On “We are… CRAP” you will find 7 songs full of energy, bad blood and rock and roll, with lyrics critical of everything established and the big elites, some humour and pandemic punk!

The album has been recorded in Bilbao at Pookah Sound Studios by the great “Mike Ether” and we are very happy with the sound he has given us.


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1. Prisoner en my living room 02:06

2. Sweetest friend 02:37

3. Too much rock’n’roll 02:33

4. Dirty road 02:57

5. We are Crap 02:08

6. Did you no wrong (Sex Pistols cover) 02:46

7. ….mundu baten

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