RONNIE D’ADDARIO – Don’t Wait For Yesterday 1986-2017


You Are The Cosmos





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Presentado en tres CD’s (incluyendo bonus tracks), aquí están los primeros tres álbumes de Ronnie D’Addario, Take In A Show (1976) Falling For Love (1981) Good For You (1983), que datan de los años 1976-1983. Las influencias incluyen pop de finales de los 60 y principios de los 70 (y psych-pop) todo combinado en exquisitas canciones para paladares refinados. The Left Banke, Brian Wilson, Honeybus, Bad Finger y Paul McCartney (con y sin Wings).


TAKE IN A SHOW 1. Love Stepped Out 2. Take In A Show 3. You’re Not Alone 4. Let’s Lets Go 5. Time Meant Money Spent On You 6. Nice Meeting You – Again 7. The Sun Is Out 8. Here We Are Again 9. It’s Spring Too Soon 10. T.R.E.N.C.H. Coat (bonus) 11. Lady Rag (bonus) 12. I Was Your Window demo (bonus).

FALLING FOR LOVE 1.Falling For Love 2. Let Me Just Look At You 3. I’m On To Something 4. Steps 5. I Don’t Have the Heart 6. You Played Too Rough With My Heart 7. Wait In the Wings 8. You Can Cure a Rainy Day 9. Two Little Children 10. I Woke Up Today 11. Just Passing Through 12. Make Matters Worse BONUS 13. Vocal Tracks Medley 14. Smokin’ In Bed 15. Yesterday News 16. Overnight Success

GOOD FOR YOU 1. Good For You 2. Thinking Out Loud 3. Inspiration 4. Part Time Lovin’ Is A Full Time Job 5. Next Time and Time Again 6. Love Up My Sleeve 7. Love On My Hands 8. Let’s Take It Again 9. Suite 16 10. PDA 11. Pop Rock 12. Amanda Lynne

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