VV.AA. – Back From The Grave Vol.3


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Recopilación del sello Crypt de bandas de garage rock ultradesconocidas sacadas de los sotanos mas oscuros y los pantanos mas recónditos. Salvaje america profunda!!!!!!!.

01.-The Chantelles – Be My Queen
02.-Little Willie & The Adolescents – Get Out Of My Life
03.-Ken & The Fourth Dimension – See If I Care
04.-Me & Them Guys – I Loved Her So
05.-The Interns – I´ve Got Something To Say
06.-Intruders Five – Ain´t Coming Back
07.-The Monacles – I Can´t win
08.-Lil´Boy Blue – I´m Not There
09.-Jerry And The Others – Don´t Cry To Me
10.-The Fugitives – You Can´t Blame That On Me
11.-Raunch Hands – Tiguer Guitars
12.-William & the Wild One – Wille The Wild One
13.-Murphy & The Law – Born Loser
14.-The Mods – You´ve Got Another Thing Goin´
15.-Sir Winston & The Commons – We´re Gonna Love
16.-Royal Flairs – Suicide
17.-The Montells – You Can´t Make Me

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