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Las canciones de Bruce Springteen han renacido a manos de 38 bandas de pop independiente, The Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman, Airport Girl, The School, etc, se encargan de llevar a su terreno estos míticos temas.

CD 1
01. Racing in the Street Artist: The Wave Pictures
02. Cover Me Artist: Jennifer O’Connor
03. The River Artist: Airport Girl
04. Glory Days Artist: MJ Hibbett
05. She’s the One Artist: Shaun Wolf Wortis
06. Born in the USA Artist: Glam Chops
07. Brilliant Disguise / Brilliancy Medley (feat. Doug Yule) Artist: Jeff Mellin
08. Born to Run Artist: Lucinda Black Bear
09. The Promised Land Artist: Darren Hanlon
10. You’re Missing Artist: Gregory Webster
11. Atlantic City (feat. Paul from Hexicon) Artist: Darlin’ Allo
12. Badlands Artist: Boy Genius
13. Magic Artist: The Gresham Flyers
14. Johnny 99 Artist: One Milky Wimp
15. Dancing in the Dark Artist: Thewintersleep
16. One Step Up Artist: Jeniferever
17. My Hometown Artist: Travis Elborough
18. Candy’s Room Artist: Pete Weiss
19. My Love Will Not Let You Down Artist: Eux Autres

CD 2
01. I’m On Fire Artist: Help Stamp Out Loneliness
02. Used Cars Artist: Swedish Chef
03. Thunder Road Artist: Hillary and The Democrats
04. Mansion On the Hill Artist: Orange Nichole
05. Stolen Car Artist: The Manhattan Love Suicides
06. Waiting On a Sunny Day Artist: Piney Gir
07. Hungry Heart Artist: The School
08. I Wanna Marry You Artist: Harvey Williams
09. Darkness On the Edge of Town Artist: The Vatican Cellars
10. The Rising Artist: Joel Mellin
11. Downbound Train Artist: The Foxgloves
12. Prove it All Night Artist: The Andersen Tapes
13. If I Should Fall Behind (feat. Amelia Fletcher) Artist: DJ Downfall
14. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Artist: Darren Hayman
15. Born to Add Artist: Summer Cats
16. Empty Sky Artist: Alexander’s Festival Hall
17. Streets of Philadelphia Artist: Butcher Boy
18. Because the Night Artist: Brontosaurus Chorus
19. No Surrender Artist: The Violence Jack Off

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